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Georg Philipp Wörlen was a German artist with a very versatile oeuvre. As a co-founder of the artists group “Der Fels” (the rock) he was in contact with other important artists, like Franz Bronstert, Fritz Fuhrken, Reinhard Hilker and Carry Hauser.


His early works show an impressionistic way of painting, in the 1920s he started to work more and more with expressionist and cubistic elements. Most of his main works are from this expressionist period in the 1920s. After that his paintings turned into a new direction, which was influenced by the “Neue Sachlichkeit (New Realism). In the final years of his life his works are characterized by an abstract visual language.

Georg Philipp Wörlen did oil canvases as well as drawings, watercolours, lithographs and woodcuts.  


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